Walter is a man determined, energetic and mentally strong. He likes to govern, to exercise power over their environment, it can also impose their will on others. He wants applause and appreciation of others. Walter is spontaneous and can not hide their feelings or thoughts. His directness, sometimes hurting others. Is tenacious and stubborn, you decide when something is hard to turn him from the chosen path. He does not like to change their decision.

Name Day -Walter

  • April 8
  • May 2
  • June 5
  • Nov. 29

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Walter of Pontoise

Lucky number: 7

Happy stone: ruby

Lucky color: gold

Famous people named Walter

  • Walter Baade – German astronomer
  • Walter Blythe – protagonist Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • Walter Cannon – American physiologist
  • Walter Cronkite – Journalist
  • Walt Disney
  • Walter Gropius – German architect
  • Walter Hofer – Austrian sport activist
  • Walther Model – German General
  • Walter Murch – American filmmaker
  • Walter Moras – pejzarzysta German painter from the turn of the century
  • Walter Rudin – American mathematician
  • Walter Scott – Scottish novelist and poet
  • Walter Zenga – Italian footballer

Walter’s name in other languages

  • Walter, Walt (English)
  • Gautier, Gauthier (French)
  • Walter, Welter (German)

The history of the name Walter

It is a Germanic name containing the first term of the element of walt-(waltan-rule, rule), and the second-har (hari) – the army. Walthari Germanic name is a typical Germanic warrior.

Walter Pierson, Martyr
It is one of those almost forgotten soldiers of Christ, whose names and profiles of faded among the many victims of a cruel persecution. This time, persecution begun by Henry VIII in England.
He was a humble lay-brother at the London Carthusians. Is not very distinguished, and as a member of the Order throughout the world wide kontemplatywnego was not known. It had taken a wave of persecution, of which mechanisms might not notice. He was killed along with the priest-Kartuzy, Thomas Green on 10 June 1537, and therefore as one of the first. The long list of martyrs in England, he almost started, there were then men of outstanding knowledge, teaching or position.

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