Great ambitions, even greater decisiveness and desire to remain as independent as possible – these are the most important qualities of a woman named Rose. Interestingly enough, all these traits are strongly emphasized already in her childhood, and everyone around her is convinced she will grow up to be someone special. It would be better, however, if they didn’t try to stifle her personality and restrict her will, although it can be made difficult by Rose’s stubbornness and desire to have the last word in every discussion. Still, she often wins, be it regular arguments or important battles.

She gladly listens to her inner voice.

Her strong intuition, which she heeds and treats as something completely natural, is what contributes to that. It serves her well in everyday life, but mostly when she meets a new person, as it’s rare that she wastes valuable time and wrongly trusts someone who does not deserve it. It’s thanks to that intuition that she is very quick to make decisions, but it’s also due to the fact she dislikes any delay, wishing to bring all matters to a conclusion as soon as possible and begin new ones which she has a lot of.

She never allows anything to be forced upon her.

She is independent and likes doing things the way she sees fit. Often not even her loved ones know her plans or whereabouts, for despite being sociable, she likes to be alone somewhere quiet from time to time. She has an excellent sense of humor and much enthusiasm, as well as unbridled joy of life.

Constantly surrounded by people.

These qualities make her a very desirable company to her friends and always able to improve their moods with her presence. She never shies away from people, either, and can be a true life of the party. Surrounded by kind friends who are prepared to help her every time she needs it.

Achieves success thanks to her friends.

People with positive attitudes towards her often help her achieve success, and not just on professional grounds. If she every makes it to the top, it’s probably not just because of her own effort, but it can’t be held against her as it only shows how much she is liked and valued.

Very popular with the opposite sex.

Very subtle towards men, but filled with so much joy of life she’s constantly surrounded by them. Still, most often she would rather be friends with them than be all flirty, as to her feelings are not something to joke about.

Rose is an independent, ambitious and determined. He has great intuition, is noble and subtle. Makes decisions quickly. He likes to walk his own path and can not sit still for long in one place. It is characterized by a great sense of humor and a remarkable zest for life that helps her achieve success.

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Rose of Viterbo
  • St. Rose of Venerini
  • St. Rose of Lima
  • St. Rose, a virgin

Lucky number: 6

Happy stone: ruby

Lucky color: red

Famous people named Rose

  • Rosa Bailly – French poet
  • Rosa Bonheur – French painter and sculptor
  • Rose Byrne – Australian actress
  • Rose Hill – British actress
  • Rosa Parks – American activist for human rights
  • Rosa Ponselle – American singer
  • Rosa Reichert – German alpine skier, Olympic champion
  • Rose McGowan – actress
  • Rosa Elena Simeon – Cuban communist activist, Minister for Science

Rose’s name in other languages

  • Rose, Rosa, Rosina, Roza (Russian)

The history of the name Rose

It is a feminine name derived from Latin. Rosa is used as an expression of common cognomen rosa,-ae-rose.

Rose of Lima
She was born April 20, 1586 year in Lima (Peru), a middle-Spanish family. Very early on, steeped in heroic sanctity, taking children already in the strict self-denial and zaprawiając kontemplatywnego to life. At the age of twenty, was Dominican tertiary. Early also begun to experience the mystical graces. This deep life of prayer combined with dedication to others, caring for the sick and above all the wretched. Many suffered. Impoverishment of families, early death of parents, loneliness and severe dryness of spirit, all of this and other spiritual suffering gave her life, characteristics of true cross roads. Over the last three years, stayed in the royal family Gundisalviego officer who loved her. She died on 24 August 1617 year.

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