Pauline is a person who, if you can to learn and puts in their education a lot of effort has a chance to become a scientist, researcher and lecturer. If, however, prove more important for her pleasure and amusement, the person may be undeveloped and empty. Is excitable, sociable, likes the changes. Do not attach importance to the family or home. There is no respect for the elderly and has a dismissive attitude to power. Pauline is very stubborn and insists on the end of his sentence.

Name Day-Pauline

  • May 26, June 6, June 22, July 21, August 31, October 10, December 2 and December 31

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Pauline


  • “He who has no feelings of many, will not be Pauline friend”

Lucky number: 2

Happy stone: jasper

Lucky color: beige

Famous people named Pauline

  • Pauline Betz – American tennis player
  • Paul Alberts – a Polish nun, a Catholic blessed
  • Paul Chiziane – Mozambique writer
  • Pauline Ducruet – daughter, Stephanie Grimaldi
  • Paulina Margarita Gálvez Pineda – Miss International 1999
  • Paulina Rubio – Mexican actress and singer

Pauline name in other languages

  • Pauline (English)
  • Pauline (German)
  • Pauline (Fr.)
  • Paolina, Paola (Italian)
  • Полина (Russian)
  • Поліна, Павліна (Ukr)

The history of the name Pauline

Pauline is a feminine form of the name Paulin.

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