Pauline is strongly drawn to knowledge and is determined to become a scientist or someone important in the world of science.

Sadly, her aspirations usually do not hand in hand with her abilities, as she is not particularly bright or clever, it takes much longer for her to learn anything that it does for other people. Still, she makes up for it with her conviction and great diligence, so she has a chance to live up to her aspirations. Not even people in her closes environment suspect that her brilliant intellect she is known for is actually the result of her hard work and sacrifices. She, however, is not bothered by it, as to her the most important thing are the effects, not how she achieves them.

She need the right environment.

But if she lacks the appropriate perseverance and grows up in an environment that does not put emphasis on education, she is likely to spend all her time on careless play among friends, which will definitely prevent her from reaching the right level of intellectual development. Then might then simply become a dull individual, which will keep her from finding a good job and ensuring her own material well-being, which might be just the beginning of her serious problems in life. Luckily, a woman with this name usually chooses the more difficult but good path in life, with a fair chance for significant success.

Not always has time for friends.

She is very sociable and loves spending time with friends. Unfortunately, she does not have as much time for them as she would like to, which they are not always able to accept and some even accuse her of wasting her youth away with books instead of having fun.

Tends to be emotionally unstable.

She tends to experience mood swings and excitement, probably because of being constantly torn between duty and desire for fun. She sometimes demonstrates violent reactions even she cannot predict, she it’s no wonder she is known for being unstable or even somewhat twisted.

She never stays in one place for long.

Her life is rather specific in general, just like she is, rarely following the same pattern most people do. In particular, such a person constantly longs for changes, which often causes her a lot of problems. She often wants to change jobs, even if her current one is completely satisfying. She even changes her place of residence one in a while, which is not good at all, preventing her from establishing solid relations with people. It’s not easy to approach her, her being elusive and unwilling to change.

She often lives alone.

It’s not her priority to start a family, and to her home is just a place she comes to after work, not something associated with warmth and safety. For that reason, she often lives alone or – if someone does manage to get together with her – does not feel as good about it as one would expect.

Pauline is a person who, if you can to learn and puts in their education a lot of effort has a chance to become a scientist, researcher and lecturer. If, however, prove more important for her pleasure and amusement, the person may be undeveloped and empty. Is excitable, sociable, likes the changes. Do not attach importance to the family or home. There is no respect for the elderly and has a dismissive attitude to power. Pauline is very stubborn and insists on the end of his sentence.

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Pauline


  • “He who has no feelings of many, will not be Pauline friend”

Lucky number: 2

Happy stone: jasper

Lucky color: beige

Famous people named Pauline

  • Pauline Betz – American tennis player
  • Paul Alberts – a Polish nun, a Catholic blessed
  • Paul Chiziane – Mozambique writer
  • Pauline Ducruet – daughter, Stephanie Grimaldi
  • Paulina Margarita Gálvez Pineda – Miss International 1999
  • Paulina Rubio – Mexican actress and singer

Pauline name in other languages

  • Pauline (English)
  • Pauline (German)
  • Pauline (Fr.)
  • Paolina, Paola (Italian)
  • Полина (Russian)
  • Поліна, Павліна (Ukr)

The history of the name Pauline

Pauline is a feminine form of the name Paulin.

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