Nicholas is a noble man, inquisitive and fair. He has a great sense of humor, sociable, willing to visit friends, and also arranges the adoption. It is cultured, intelligent, but very articulate. He likes music. Nicholas sometimes falls into melancholy. Is a faithful husband, loving father.

Name Day -Nicholas

  • 2 lutego, 14 February, 21 March, 9 May, 19 May, 2 June, 9 July, September 10, September 29, October 13, November 13, November 14, December 5 and 6 December

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
  • St. Nicholas I the Great, pope
  • St. Nicholas of Tolentino
  • St. Nicholas of Flue
  • St. Nicholas Pieck, a Franciscan
  • St. Nicholas Owen
  • St. Nicholas Leap of Faith


  • “Santa Claus in the mouths of wolves closed padlock”
  • “Santa Claus is governed by wolves”
  • “The Santa abandon the car and sleigh zaprzęż”
  • “Poverty in the country, Nicholas”
  • “When the snow falls they say that Santa Claus beard shaking”
  • “The Santa Claus curiosity doubles: Mary looked at the pillow, and there is no ghosting what a boy grope forward, how the goods are to be”

Lucky number: 8

Lucky stones: alexandrite

Lucky color: purple

Famous people named Nicholas

  • Nicolas Cage – American actor
  • Nicolas Catinat – Marshal of France
  • Nils Gustaf Dalen – Swedish inventor, Nobel laureate
  • Nicklaus Heidfeld – German Formula 1 driver
  • Nicholas Jonas – singer
  • Nicolaus Copernicus – astronomer
  • Niki Lauda – Austrian racing driver
  • Nick Mason – rock musician, member of Pink Floyd
  • Nick Nolte – American actor and producer
  • Nicki Pedersen – Danish speedway
  • Nikolai Polikarpov – Soviet aircraft designer
  • Nicola Porpora – Italian Baroque composer
  • Mikolaj Rej – writer
  • Nicolas Sarkozy – president of France
  • Claus Strunz
  • Nikola Tavelić – Croatian martyr, the holy Catholic
  • Nikola Tesla – Serbian inventor
  • Nikolai Valuev – Russian boxer, WBA champion
  • Nikolaus von Zinzendorf – German theologian and reformer

Name Nicholas in other languages

  • Nicholas (English)
  • Nicolas (Fr.)
  • Nicolás (Spanish)
  • Nicolò (Italian)
  • Mikuláš (cze.)
  • Nicolaas (flam.)
  • Nikolaus (German, szw., Norwegian.)
  • Miklós (Hungarian)
  • Николай (Russian)
  • Nicolaas (niderl.)

The history of the name Nicholas

It is a name derived from Greek via Latin Nikólaos. Nicolaus analogy to the names: Nikokrates, Nikómachos, Nikomedes, Nikóstratos, Nikosthenes. As a member of the first noun is nike-victory, and as a member of the second element-laos-people.

Nicholas, Bishop and Confessor
Myra was a bishop of the city, which in ancient times was the capital of Lycia (southwest Asia Minor). He lived probably in the middle of the fourth century. Unfortunately, there are no closer to become an essential information about his life and activities. This is what is written later, is taken from the beautiful legends, or other form of biography, especially biography Nicholas abbot of the nearby monastery of Sion.
Fame and success secured her legendary threads such as the story of three officers freed unjustly imprisoned for the intercession of Nicholas, the story of three poor virgins to marry issued by the statues, which the sacred discreetly delivered, the story of three youths rescued by him from the death sentence, for sailors redeemed from a marine disaster.
In 1087, the remains of the holy Muslim abducted from the invaders from Asia Minor were transported to Bari in southern Italy, where he soon began to pull many pilgrimages.
He mentions it on Dec. 6.

Nicholas Pieck and his companions, the martyrs of Gorkum
When in 1572 the so-called. gezowie mastered the Dutch city, even though previously declared freedom of religion, they arrested many of its clergy. Among them were John of Cologne, a Dominican, Norbert Adrian and Jacob Lecops Janszen, president beguinek Jan Lenartz, four diocesan priests, including Leonard Vechel and Nicolas Janssen (Poppel), an eleven Augustinian and Franciscan friars.
At the head of the group became the guardian of the Franciscans trzydziestosiedmioletni, Nicholas Pieck. The arrest was a robbery and was all the more painful that they were constantly arresting drunk. Conditions became even worse when prisoners were transported to the prison island of Brielle (Voorne). There had to endure many a torment, but offered them freedom at the price of rejecting the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and papal authority.
In a particularly aggressive solicited Nicholas Pieck. Then a priest-apostate from Liège moved them to the ruined Augustinian monastery, which was considered more suitable for execution. There, one of the comrades, who so far has behaved valiantly, he broke down and departed. As the first and zawiśli on the gallows, those who seemed to be far less than courageous. After them zawiśli others. It was the day on July 9, 1572

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