Mary is a conservative. Quiet, smart, subtle, fair and straightforward. Always follow the truth and what it says it intuition. Familiar with human nature and character. Quickly take decisions, which are mostly correct. Is constant and does not change his mind. It is responsible for home and family. With a desire to have children, and educates them. According to her husband is head of the family and should protect the home financially.

A woman with this name is a conservative attached to tradition. She exhibits all the commendable traits: she is noble, composed, tactful, just and straightforward. She never moves away from her principles and lives by them. She does not even consider acting against her ethical principles, even if it could bring her significant benefits, as she knows she would not be able to sleep peacefully afterwards.

Lucky in life.

She often lets intuition guide her in life, which lets her achieve her goals without hurting anyone because she is not ruthless and can give up her most important goal if she comes to a conclusions that it could negatively affect somebody. She knows human nature well, which makes her excellent at communicating with others, so it’s no wonder she’s constantly surrounded by them. None other can listen and comfort as kindly and give such good advice as her, so her home is constantly filled with hurt, depressed people she never refuses to help. It sometimes take so much of her time she lacks it for her loved ones, but they do not hold it against her, knowing how important other people are to her.

Always knows how to deal with everything.

Mary usually manages to efficiently reconcile all her duties and be equally involved in all areas of life. She owes much of that to her ability to make quick decisions, which lets her save a lot of time and make wise choices. She rarely makes mistakes, and even if she does she has no problems admitting that and drawing conclusions for the future to avoid repeating the same error.

Never strays from her principles.

People also value her for the consistency of her views which stay the same even if everything else changes and she remains alone, feeling really uncomfortable about it. Opportunism stands in contrast with her nature, she will never stray from her principles just because it’s the custom or her environment expects it.

Family is most important to her.

Mary is completely devoted to her family, their good in large part determines her life. If she makes a decision about herself, she first considers if it has any negative impact on her family. She dreams of having children from the young age and cannot imagine not having them. Then she derives great satisfaction from bringing them up and watching them adopt her model of behavior.

She can be submissive to her spouse.

She expects her husband to act like a true man and, despite her own forethought, she hands him the power at home. She is prepared to submit to him, as she believes it to be the natural way of things, but only if he can ensure the material well-being of his family. If she earns more than him, she’ll also be the one to make decisions.

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • St. Mary Magdalene
  • St. Maria Kleofasowa
  • St. Maria the Egyptian
  • St. Maria Cordoba
  • St. Maria de Pazzi
  • St. Maria Magdalena Postel
  • St. Maria Crocifissa
  • St. Maria Goretti
  • Bl. Maria (Franz Habitats)
  • Bl. Maria Teresa Ledóchowska

Lucky number: 6

Happy stone: diamond

Lucky color: purple

Famous people named Mary

  • Maria Callas – the world-famous singer
  • Maria Riesch – German alpine skier
  • Maria Sklodowska-Curie – Nobel laureate
  • Maria Taglioni – dancer
  • Mariah Carey – singer
  • Marie Trintignant – French actress
  • Marilyn Monroe – Actress
  • Mary Hayley Bell – English actress
  • Mary-Kate Olsen – actress, one of the Olsen twins
  • Mary Margaret Kaye – British writer
  • Mary Pierce – tennis player
  • Mary Shelley – author
  • Mary Wollstonecraft – English author, precursor of feminism

Mary name in other languages

  • Maria (Latin)
  • Mary (English)
  • Maria, Maria (German)
  • Marie (Fr.)
  • Maria (Spanish, ON)
  • Marija (Russian)
  • Marie, Marieta, Marika (Czech)
  • Maria, Marieta, Marica (słowac.)

The history of the name Mary

This is a very popular female name. The popularity of this owes to the fact that she wore them to the Mother of God. Form of Mary comes from the Hebrew zgrecyzowanego Miriam, Maryam. Etymologically the name is connected with the word akkadyjskim mariam – fills us with joy. In the Greek version of the New Testament is a form of Mariam.
It should also be noted that the etymology of the name Maria is not sure. About the origin of many hypotheses have been developed. Some derive this name from the nightmare (to be bold, and a further sense: to be beautiful) and translate it by “beautiful.” Others derive it from the Egyptian Meri-jam, and explain, “beloved of Yahweh”, “beloved by God” or “loving God.” According to Jerome, it means “you.” Still others derive it from Rawah verb that means “drink” and they think that Maria’s name means “joy napawająca,” “cause of our joy.”
Name in old Poland was used because the special reverence that surrounded the person of Our Lady. The sources of the twelfth century (1167) appear in records: Maria, Mureş, Masha, Maszka, but they come from Red Russia, where Orthodox Christians used the name.
Holy and blessed, which bore that name, are particularly numerous. Roman Martyrology, whose memoirs the most part, relate to the sacred ancient times and early Middle Ages, lists thirteen Mary, but Bibliotheca – discussing, as far as possible, all Marie honored at any time, speaks of the nearly ninety. Among them a special place for the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Virgin Mary
We know her all of the most memorable papers Gospel and teachings of the Church, with its endogenous economy of salvation, which has played such an important role. Talk about it anything else it seems unnecessary. About Her fate after Pentecost, we know very little indeed.
Content provides us with descriptions of the evangelical enough features to reproduce the form of Mary of Nazareth, and penetrate the secrets of her immaculate heart.

Mary Goretti
She was born October 16, 1890 in Corinaldo in the province Ankońskiej (Italy) as the daughter of Luigi and Assunty home Carlini. They were poor laborers who, while expanding the family had to work hard for bread. In search of livelihood moved into the muddy area in Cascaa Antica, where they found the seizure of the estates of the Duke Massoliniego (1899). Shortly thereafter, overworked father died of malaria. In this unenviable situation, Maria became a helper of a brave mother. She cared particularly about four younger siblings, and performs many other tasks. She was always at the same time for all uczynna and very nice. With the example of parents and a good upbringing was characterized by the radical godliness and piety. But barely started growing out of her maid, and has already become an object of desire of a young neighbor, Alexander, son of a drunkard.
He was during a temporary absence of his father and mother Mary assaulted her with the intention of making a rape, and when Maria bravely defending, asked her with a knife fourteen serious injuries. It happened July 5, 1902 year. She died the next day, he forgives the killer. The people considered it to be holy and spontaneously martyr of purity. Soon people began to call her Agnes twentieth century.
When it began its efforts to beatification, her body is made of the Nettuno in the Church of Our Lady of Grace, which is honored in his lifetime. Her beatification (1947) and canonization (1950) performed in the presence of immediate family and converted Alexander Pope Pius XII.

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