Lucas is a man diligent, industrious, orderly and punctual. Is direct and can not someone else, than it is, therefore, like others of his company. An exemplary husband, an exemplary father. He loves his family and tradition. Lucas is a good worker and a nice fellow. Rather, it is domesticated, does not like to travel.

Name Day -Lucas

  • January 23, 1917 February, 2 March, 22 April, August 12, September 10, October 18, October 31, December 17, December 20

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Lucas the Evangelist

Lucky number: 9

Happy stone: Opal

Lucky color: white

Famous people named Lucas

  • Lucas Grabeel – American actor
  • Luc Besson – French director, film producer
  • Lucas Cranach – German painter
  • Luka Modric – Croatian footballer
  • Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Minor) – Roman poet and philosopher
  • Luca Toni – Italian footballer
  • Luca Antonini – Italian footballer
  • Lucas Leiva – Brazilian footballer
  • Vulnerability Badorfer – austiacki ski jumper

Lucas name in other languages

  • English language – Luke or Lucas
  • Spanish – Lucas
  • Portuguese language – Lucas
  • French – Luc
  • Greek – Loukas
  • Japanese – ウーカッシュ or Ukassiu
  • German language – Lukas
  • Czech – Lukáš
  • Russian language – Лука
  • Latin language – Lucius; Lucas
  • Esperanto – Lukaso
  • Italian – Luca
  • Serbian language – Luka; Лука
  • Turkish – Ulasz
  • Croatian – Luka
  • Slovenian – Luka
  • Hungarian language – Lukács
  • Chinese – 吴 卡什 or Wǔ kǎ shi
  • Finnish language – Luukka

The history of the name of Lucas

Name of Greek origin probably Lukanós.

Lucas the Evangelist
He was of pagan origin, by profession a doctor. Around 50 left at Troas to St. Paul, who held his missionary journey. Accompanied him to Philippi, and seven years later from Philippi to Jerusalem. For more stories of Acts shows that Paul and Aristarchus went to Rome and stayed there during the imprisonment of Paul. Perhaps then he met St. Mark.
A little more information about Luke gives the prologue to his Gospel. According to him, Luke was from Antioch in Syria. After the death of St. Paul worked in Achaia. As a 84-year old man died of natural causes in Boeotia. In 357 his body was moved from Thebes to Constantinople Beockich.
The memory of his entered into force on 18 October.

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