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Michelle an interesting and unusual personality. Confident, even presumptuous, sometimes inaccessible. Mostly well-off and highly educated, although not always in proportion intelligent. Overbearing to the other, strictly evaluate people with their environment. He likes to impose their will on people, while the same does not listen to what they have  [ Read more ]

what does the Donald name mean


Donald Name Meaning

He is a man balanced, but in conflict situations can also explode. He does not even from the rows. It is said of him that he is a man of action and reflection. He’s intelligent. In love, engaged and insatiable.

Name Day -Donald

  • July 15

Famous people named Donald

  • Dario Bonetti, Italian footballer
  • Darío Castrillón Hoyos, a Colombian Roman Catholic Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, President of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”
  • Dario Dainelli, Italian footballer
  • Dario For (1926 -), Italian satirist, composer
  • Dario Frigo, Italian cyclist
  • Darius Grigalionis, Lithuanian swimmer
  • Darius Kasparaitis, Lithuanian ice hockey player
  • Dario Knezevic, Croatian footballer
  • Dario Mangiarotti, Italian fencer, szpadzista
  • Dario Messa, Italian volleyball player
  • Darío Rodríguez, Uruguayan footballer
  • Donald Bradman – Australian cricketer
  • Donald Crisp – American actor
  • Donald Rumsfeld – American politician
  • Donald Sutherland – Canadian actor
  • Donald Tsang – Chinese statesman
  • Donald Trump – an American entrepreneur
  • Donald Tusk – Polish Prime Minister
  • Donald O’Connor – American dancer and actor
  • Donald A. Wollheim – American writer
  • Donald Duck – a famous comic book character and film

Donald in other languages

  • English – Donnall
  • Spanish for., o. – Donaldo
  • Lith. – Donaldas

The history of the name Donald

It is the name of Celtic. Donald’s name means “strong of this world”or “ruler of the world. “

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What does the name Donald mean

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