Christine is a woman of outstanding personality, is sensitive, has a diplomatic sense. Very ambitious and prudent, sometimes to a fault, which has problems. He likes to direct the man. Sociable, fond of traveling. It is conservative, but the changes that must be able to accept. With all the trouble always comes out unscathed.

Name Day -Christine

  • Jan. 18
  • Feb. 14
  • March 13
  • July 24
  • Nov. 6
  • Dec. 5

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Christine


  • “The cross he wears Christine, remove it from sin, do not forget”

Lucky number: 7

Happy stone: Opal

Lucky color: white

Famous people named Christine

  • Christina Aguilera – American singer
  • Christina Milian – American singer
  • Cristina Scabbia
  • Kristin Scott Thomas
  • Kristina Smigun-Vahi – Estonian skier Classical
  • Kristin Stormer Steira – Norwegian cross country skier
  • Christine Todd Whitman

Christine’s name in other languages

  • Christina, Cristina (Latin)
  • Christine, Cristina (English)
  • Christine, Christina (German)
  • Christine (Fr.)
  • Cristina (Spanish, ON)
  • Hristina (Russian)
  • Akron, Kristina (Czech, Slovak.)

The history of the name Christine

It is a female name of Latin origin from the name Christinus created (and that of Christus). Christina is originally “belonging to Christ, a Christian.” In addition to this form was a derivative of another form of Christian.

Christine of Tyre or Bolzano
Mentioned on 24 July. Archaeological studies indicate that the early worship closer to the unknown martyrs. This would correspond to the synaksariach wzmiankom East. However, the martyrdom of the early Latin (from Lyon, Adona) probably coalesced into one of two separate mention. Then the holy ones were a legend, similar in many a detail to the legend of Saint Barbara. Thus, it is again a pagan father, who vainly urging, and then tortures her daughter, which would give the service of idols, is also a tower, darkness, all sorts of exquisite agony, etc.
Whatever can be said about this legend, it should be noted that it contributed to the spread of worship St. Kristina. Her worship was in the Middle Ages one of the most intense. He noted also in a manner distinct in the visual arts. Just to mention that we find the famous holy raweńskich mosaics.

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