Aloysius is a person prudent and sedate. Its features include: aggressiveness, energy, foresight malice. He likes to emphasize its importance and achievements. He has leadership skills. It is usually a bad father and a very good husband. It is selfish, but it requires public acceptance and recognition. It has a very complicated character. Throughout his life, expanding your knowledge and horizons.

Name Day Aloysius

  • March 12
  • May 11
  • June 14
  • June 21
  • Oct. 24
  • Nov. 13
  • Dec. 8

Patrons and Saints

  • St. Aloysius Gonzaga


  • “Day of the Holy Aloizegoprzyczynia good wine”


Lucky number: 8

Lucky stones: carnelian

Lucky color: orange

Famous people named Aloysius

  • Alois Alzheimer
  • Aloysius Matthew Ambrozic, Roman Catholic Cardinal
  • Alois Lipburger
  • Benedict XVI – Joseph Alois Ratzinger

Aloysius in other languages

  • Lat. – Aloys,
  • English – Aloysius
  • Croa. – Alojz, Aloysius, Lojze
  • Combed. – Alois, Alojz
  • Fr. – Aloys, Louis
  • Mac. – Aloisio (Spanish), Alojzo
  • German – Alois, Aloisius, Aloys, Aloysius
  • Solution. – Aloysius
  • Slovenian. – Alojz, Aloysius, Lojze
  • Incl – Aloisio, Aluigi, Luigi

The history of the name Aloysius

It is the name of Germanic origin of the al-wis (all-weisse) – the all. On the basis of the French name is identified with the name of Louis (Chlodwich, Chlodowich) and adopted the dam Louis.
With a large number of saints are we going to be able to give briefly a few examples. All these figures represent the present day. All it seems, took the name from the saint who introduced them to the history of the church, or more specifically – contributed to the fact that the former has identified a new name.

(1568 – 1591) was born in Castiglione delle Stiviere near Mantua, was the son of Ferrant, Duke of Reich’s most famous families and relatives in Italy. Father sposobił him to a military career, so spent some time at boot camp. Then he stayed at the court of Florence and Madrid. However, since the early years it attracted classical studies. In addition to Latin and Greek early on mastered the Spanish language, French and German. Showed an even greater train to spiritual things. Despite objections from his father lost in 1585 to realize the earlier intention to join the Society of Jesus. In the novitiate has also made progress in Christian perfection.
In 1589 he went to Castiglione, to mediate in a dispute with his brother Rudolf Duke of Mantua. Returning to Rome, he found there, famine and epidemic. Uprosiwszy for yourself permission of superiors, then promptly gave up the ministry to the sick, but it contracted, and he died as a sacrifice of love (21 Jun).

Blessed (born in Bergamo in 1827, and died. 15 Jun 1886) was the founder of the Brothers of St. assembly. Family and the Sisters of the poor. Raised by a devout mother, soon came under the influence of zealous priests devoted to the work on youth. He was ordained a priest (1850), he devoted himself entirely to this work. Extending it to the young female, has teamed up with Teresa Gabriele, forming with it the foundation for the female congregation, approved in 1912. The inherited wealth amassed orphaned boys, entrusting their care to John Leidi, which over time joined by others. This gave rise to the creation of the male congregation.

(Born 1872, died. 12 Mar 1940) Servant of God, founder of the association, among others. known to us Don Orione priests. Early felt called upon to deal with the poorest. Even as a seminarian for the youth ran oratorios and staff gathered around the works of mercy, which he named after the Little Work of Divine Providence. He also founded the congregation under the name Small Female Missionaries of Charity. First of all, the charm of his personality unfolded bowing out without interruption to the human misery and implicitly trusting God’s providence. Became famous especially his rescue carried out after a terrible earthquake, which struck in 1908, Calabria and Sicily.

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