Our name is an integral part of us and is our property. A woman who marries the name change, however, never changed his name. The name can be changed fairly easily, through official channels, while the name change is much more complex and takes time.

Our name is associated with our lives, it is a part of our lives and our character reflects and affects who we are.

On the Importance of the names are names of male and female, the more, as well as those less popular with their origin and description of the personality.

name meaning


For centuries it was thought that every name has a strong magical marked and that giving them a child, it shall be equipped with a certain kind of programming features and its future.

Originally the name was given not permanent – it changed with the changes taking place in the life of a person, such as postrzyżyny, which include remnant today’s confirmation in the Catholic Church. Name was omen, blessing or wish for a man that could even reverse the unfavorable course of events in his life.

So we can say that each name is closely connected with the life of the person who wears them, and forms an indispensable part – regardless of whether we are aware of this fact or not. Therefore, choosing the name for the child, parents should show caution and opt for those that not only sounds nice and it is accordingly appropriate fashion, but also carries a specific meaning – especially since they are suitable for a once in a lifetime, and change is much more complicated and time-consuming than in the case of names that can be changed for example, going to marry. In addition, it is worth remembering that the name determines the character and temperament, as well as our disposition – including This how to proceed in different situations, as we are determined to live, and how we react distributed on situations.

Male and female names

On our site you will find the meaning of names, both female and male, the more and less popular, common and less common, with their etymology, as well as a description of features that combine with each of them. We hope to dispel all your doubts about the matter posed by names, as well as help you make the right choice.