Have you ever wondered if your given name in any way impacts your life, personality, character traits or behavior?

If not, take a closer look at people you know with a similar name – there are often certain similarities between them despite the differences – it’s amazing!

The meaning of names back then…

The fact that names influence our personality and determine some of our traits has been known for centuries. Our great-great-grandparents attributed magical properties to them and believed that a name determined the future of a person, bestowing them with specific traits. Initially, it was not given for life and changed as the individual aged, depending on various changes occurring in their life; that custom has its contemporary remnant in the Sacrament of Confirmation in which we consciously choose another patron who will guard us throughout our life.

In time, however, the first name started to become unchangeable. For example, it was a custom to give grandchildren the names of their grandparents or relatives who proved their merit for the family, society or country, which indicated the name was truly powerful.

In many cultures, the custom of giving more than one name has its basis in religion and magic or family, and was related to the belief that names, especially those of meritorious ancestors, determined very specific traits that were wished for the child.

…and the meaning of the names now.

Even today, many of us give much thought to the meaning of names. When choosing the name for out child, we pay attention to the traits associated with it and consider how it is going to match their zodiac sign, etc. For the name does not only have to have a ring to it and match the surname, but also harmonize with the given person – it is given once for life, influences the character and temperament, and its change is very difficult, requiring numerous visits in various offices.

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How to pick a name for a child?

If you’re looking for a name for your little one, you must have considered what to take into account on many occasions.

Is it only important that we like the name or should we pay attention to something more?

What did people take into consideration when choosing names in the past?

Our great-grandparents believed that each name had certain magical properties that were passed onto its bearer and determined their future.

Curious enough, names were not always given for life – they were often changed along with various events going on in the life of the bearer, they were omens or blessings for the future that influenced the entire life.

How are names chosen today?

Although today names are given for life and are not believed to have magical properties, it is good to learn about the name’s meaning – if nothing else, out of pure curiosity – before making the choice, and get to know how it blends with our child’s zodiac sign, what character traits it’s related to, what is its origin, etc.

We have to consider if we want to go with what is fashionable or with the family tradition – whether we want our child to stand out with their original name or, quite the contrary, to blend with their many peers whose parents made the very same choice and considered only the name’s popularity.

It is also worth considering how well the name we choose goes with the surname. For it often happens that we might pick a name that is too original to go with a simple-sounding surname, which can bring amusing results, to say the least, and be a source of bad experiences for our little one in the future.